How Leading Tech Marketers Influence Technical Buyers Continuously

How Leading Tech Marketers Influence Technical Buyers Continuously

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For marketing leaders in tech, including CMOs, revenue, demand, or growth owners, contributing to and driving your sales pipeline is essential. Content marketing is the lifeline for your demand and awareness generation efforts. However, because your buyers, such as IT decision-makers or developer influencers, are highly technical, you need to deliver relevant and engaging marketing content continuously to get and stay on their radar. Producing fluff-free deep technical marketing content that delights IT, buyers and developers is time-consuming and requires technical domain expertise.

Some technology marketing leaders prefer to create their content in-house. Carefully selected teams with the right mix of marketing and engineering skillsets can produce high-quality tech content. Finding, hiring, and training technical or product marketing managers is often a significant bottleneck in reaching your goals. And once you hire the right employees, content marketing is usually just one out of many tasks on their plate. As a result, tech marketing leaders need to consider hiring external help for content creation.

In the Novaima eBook, “How to Use Technical Marketing Content to Grow Your Business” we explore various ways of technical marketing content delivery to help you achieve your marketing goals. Based on our long experience in helping tech marketing leaders, we share the best practices, pros, and cons of different content delivery methods. We also feature case studies where we describe how two technology marketing leaders overcame their technical content delivery slowdowns. To learn more, download our eBook for free.

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