Glossary of Technical Marketing Terms


What Is Technical Content Marketing?

Technical content marketing is a marketing activity that creates content for engineers, developers, and decision-makers at tech companies. The content includes whitepapers, blogs, eBooks, case studies, videos, and other materials used to create awareness and drive the marketing pipeline. Technical marketers are using engaging technical content at every stage of the customer journey. From consideration to purchasing decisions, compelling technical content helps readers to become buyers and loyal customers.

What Is a Content Marketing Strategy?

Content marketing strategy is a plan to achieve business goals by using marketing content. The plan includes setting key performance indicators (KPI) to measure success in reaching business goals, defining a target audience, content types, promotion plans with appropriate marketing channels to distribute content, and editorial calendars.

What Does a Product Marketing Manager Do?

A product marketing manager (PMM) is responsible for marketing strategies, messaging, awareness, demand generation related content creation, product launches, and more. PMM responsibilities include interactions with industry analysts, press, and communicating marketing messages to customers during trade shows.

What Does a Technical Marketing Manager Do?

A technical marketing manager (TMM) communicates the product’s technical value to the target audience from a hands-on expert’s perspective. TMM should have a deep technical understanding of the product and is typically involved in building and evangelizing the product functionalities to target audiences. TMM responsibilities include demo building and recording, creating practitioner-level blogs, or in-person customer interactions during product presentations and as a part of the trade show activities.

Technical Marketing Manager vs. Product Marketing Manager

Compared to a product marketing manager, a technical marketing manager is more focused on explaining the product’s technical value to target personas in greater detail. A product marketing manager is responsible for marketing strategy, messaging, and product launches, which are not the typical responsibilities of a TMM.

What Does a Technical Marketing Engineer Do?

A technical marketing engineer (TME) handles product demonstrations, uses technical expertise to contribute to technical marketing content creation, and helps marketing and sales campaigns by educating customers about product features and capabilities.

What Does a Technical Writer Do?

A technical writer produces documentation, including product manuals, operations guides, and other technical content to educate customers on how to configure and use the product. The technical writer is usually very dependent on the engineering team’s guidance to create appropriate technical documentation.

Technical Marketing Engineer vs. Technical Writer

A technical marketing engineer produces technical marketing content, while a technical writer usually doesn’t create marketing content. Technical writers typically generate product or service documentation and not marketing content. A technical writer typically lacks domain expertise and needs guidance from engineering staff. Technical marketers understand specific personas, the industry, and align with overall marketing messaging.

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