3 Common Kubernetes Security Risks and How to Prevent Them

When it comes to the security of such a complex system such as Kubernetes, there are many important aspects to consider. In this blog, we describe the most common security risks that cause pain and potential vulnerabilities for operations, security, and development teams. We also share solutions for these risks and outline helpful security tools.…
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How Leading Tech Marketers Influence Technical Buyers Continuously

For marketing leaders in tech, including CMOs, revenue, demand, or growth owners, contributing to and driving your sales pipeline is essential. Content marketing is the lifeline for your demand and awareness generation efforts. However, because your buyers, such as IT decision-makers or developer influencers, are highly technical, you need to deliver relevant and engaging marketing…
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Monitoring Kubernetes Service Performance with Grafana and Prometheus

Monitoring many moving parts in complex Kubernetes deployments is critical. In this blog, I discuss a brief example of service performance monitoring in a Kubernetes cluster. The purpose of the example is to simulate an increase in service usage that Kubernetes platform operators need to be aware of to avoid critical outages. The setup for…
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Five Questions to Ask When Choosing the Way Your Microservices Communicate

Microservices development is a growing field, and microservice communications are still maturing. There are many ways how microservices communicate, ranging from different messaging technologies to service mesh.  The goal of this discussion is to help you ask the right questions and make educated decisions. What kind of microservice communication works for me? There are two…
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Pros and Cons of GraphQL for Developers

In this blog, I explain the reasons for using GraphQL as well as the challenges developers may face when using it. GraphQL is a query language for APIs. It’s rapidly becoming an alternative to REST, but it also comes with certain challenges, such as those which developers may face in the area of observability. GraphQL…
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Why Do You Need Better Kafka Monitoring for Your Data Engineering Team?

Marc is the Head of Data Engineering at a large enterprise. The company has just launched a set of new cloud services that are in high demand. Marc’s Data Engineering department heavily depends on the Apache Kafka streaming for delivering critical services to their customers. He is responsible for his team meeting the SLAs, the…
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